Something different

Guess it’s pointless to make excuses for not posting for sooooo long!

thanks instead to all my wonderful customers who have been keeping me so busy.

One such customer is Shanidi from Fabrics & Fables She has a very different range of fabrics compared to most quilting shops and is making some fantastic modern quilts.

i’ve been a big fan of Angela Walters for quite some time and after taking a class with her in Portland, USA last year, I’ve been waiting for the right quilt to come along! ¬†Well, Shanidi did me the honor of trusting her quilt to me and I hope you like the result!






If you like the look of this quilting, then you really need to check out Angela Walter’s blog at She also has a couple of really great books and should you ever get the chance to do a class with her, don’t miss it!